Saturday, January 26, 2008

This happened...but then...

This happened:

I got a bad cold and I was miserable getting up yesterday morning. Poor sleep, stuffy nose, painful sinus headache....I wished I could just stay in bed and not have anyone need me.

But then...

my son gave me a hug and offered to make me tea. He climbed onto a chair to get the kind he thought I needed, and he poured it into my favorite mug. He went over to his brother on the couch and offered to read to him so that I could sit and sip. He asked if he could start a paper mache project he had been planning and I helped him find some space. He worked at it for an hour, and he thanked me several times for helping him get the supplies and for mixing the paste.

During the day, all three boys asked how I was feeling, hugged me warmly, and told me that they hoped I would feel better soon.

I was warmed and soothed and cared for by my kids.

Such medicine cannot be bottled, but if it could it would cure so much more than a silly cold.

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Mrs. G. said...

Hugs do have healing power...what sweet boys!