Thursday, January 10, 2008

Family Facts

Thirteen Things about my family

1.We are a family of five. Me, my husband, and our three boys.

2.My kids don't go to school. They learn from our life at home and out in the world.

3.We live in Massachusetts. I was born here. Traced back on my dad's side I am a 5th or 6th generation Massachusetts....ite??

4.We love,love,love baseball and the Red Sox. (See above).

5.We camp. Car camping with a tent. As the boys get older it's getting more fun, and I'm hoping that backpacking is in our future.

6.We live in a relatively small home. When we got our minivan, I felt like we had built a addition on our house.

7.We like to stay up late and sleep in. Not very NewEngland-y.

8.We have an awesome extended family. I feel lucky every day for them.

9.We drink raw milk.

10.We all have our own light sabers.

11.We like to watch Mythbusters together. And Star Wars movies. And other movies.

12.The only thing that motivates us to get up early, is if we plan to go out for breakfast. It is probably our favorite restaurant meal.

13.We celebrate half birthdays.

**Disclaimer: My husband is typically an early riser, and only joins in our slothful schedule on occasion.

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1 comment:

Zenmomma said...

Breakfast is definitely our favorite restaurant meal! So much so that we opened our own breakfast cafe. :o)