Sunday, January 27, 2008

Damn Cat!

Last night, my brother and I spent a couple of hours at his house, poring over old and new photographs, creating a photo collage for my parents' 50th anniversary celebration. On the way home, maybe a mile from my house, a black cat safely crossed in front of me. Now...I am not a superstitious person AT ALL. In fact, I thought about how silly I was to even notice the cat was black or to even consider that the incident could matter. HAH!

So....this morning, a rapidly forming coastal storm was predicted to hit the exact location of our party at exactly the time we were to gather. Snow, high winds, power outages, hazardous driving conditions,...the works. This is the first I have heard anything about any questionable weather for today, and I had been keeping an eye on the forecast all week. Winter in New England is very changeable, but, "hey whoops, we'll be experiencing some blizzard conditions today" is over the top. The inn where we planned to gather is not far from where my parents live. They are going there anyway for a little getaway. The dinner party was a kick-off for their mini-vacation. Maybe the forecast is wrong. Just an antidote for a slow news day.

As we ponder, watch forecasts, discuss.....

The inn calls. They are closing the dining room and our lovely table in the conservatory will not be available. A pub menu would still be available if we choose to proceed. WHAT!!!??? My visions of prime rib, fresh fish, and roasted capon have suddenly changed to personal pizzas, burgers, and buffalo wings. Sigh.

Okay,okay. No party. My parents are beside themselves with worry that my brother and I will attempt to drive our familes anyway and they are wholeheartedly relieved when I tell them we have decided to cancel. I am dismally disappointed, however I feel we have made the right decision.

But then...

my other brother calls. He has flown in from the other side of the country to surprise us all and he is on his way to the inn. WHAT!!!??? I explained the situation. He quickly understands, apologizes for not letting one of us in on his plans, but decides to go have dinner with our parents anyway.

Now he is stuck at a McDonald's as the roads are impassable. My parents are upset.

Are you still reading this train wreck?? Are you shaking your head? Because I still can't believe this happened, and the blame has to go somewhere, and if I ever see that damn cat again I've got a gas pedal and I'm gonna use it.
Black cat @ Ann Siang Hill

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