Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thirteen things I've learned this month

1....Blogging is fun when I don't think of it as an obligation.

2....My husband needs a new sportcoat and he's not going to get one unless I buy one for him so that he has to return it and get the proper fit.

3....Electric eels are not really eels. I learned this from my youngest boy who decided to find out about these creepy creatures.

4....John McCain has a mother!!??

5....My oldest son has quite a decent stash of candy left from Christmas in his room. He said he just likes to save it. He is a packrat.

6....Ted Kennedy's opinion still matters to me. Warts and all, the guy is a living legend.

7....Mammograms aren't that bad. I just had my first one, and while it was mildly unpleasant(squish!), it didn't hurt.

8....I can change a light fixture and a wall switch by myself. I actually learned this last month, but I'm too proud of it to leave it out.

9....My youngest son had "no idea" what his father's middle name was until two days ago. I guess it hadn't come up? He knew mine, at least.

10..My middle son's interest in piano lessons is more than a passing interest, and he is soothed when he practices.

11..When you put a snowflake image on a blog post, and don't do it correctly because you really have no idea what you're doing, many people from all over the world will hit your site as "snowflake" is a very popular search word, and they wll be linked there beause of the image. Very cool.

12..Apparently, there was a guy named Fred running for President of the US. Who knew?

13..This TT green color does not go well with my blog at all, and I will never use it again. It makes me a little nauseous, but I'm too lazy to fix it.

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Laura said...

Happy Thursday Thirteen.

singingfamily said...

I did one too, although I don't know if I did it right and now I have about two seconds to get everyone up! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

John McClain has a mother for the win!!! Best laugh all morning. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from MA, land of Camelot, but I must admit, when Teddy opens his mouth, my ears shut. Loved Jack & Bobby.

Your hubby comment is hysterical, because it's so typical of the species.

Happy TT13.

Nicholas said...

President Fred. Could anyone have taken such a person seriously?

My wife likens a mammogram to "having your boobs slammed in a door" but luckily that is something I won't have to experience in this life.

Journeywoman said...

I like Ted too, Happy TT.

Marilyn said...

Congrats on the fixture and light switch! That's something to be proud of and something I'd like to do too.