Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day

One thing I like about reading blogs is "visiting" other places. Here is a glimpse of a New England snow day. We got almost a foot of snow today, and becasue it was blowing in on a strong storm, everything is covered in white. Very winter wonderland effect. I like how it makes the trees look like cartoon drawings. The snow was too fluffy for making snowmen, but probably a mile or two closer to the ocean and that would be a different story. I like how the streets are deserted for a short time and you see your neighbors out shoveling and playing in the snow.

Here, on the left, is what our yard looked like a couple of days ago. Plenty of mud and warm enough to play outside with just a sweater on.

And here on the right is a photo of the sand box today. Here are more pictures of fun and scenes from the storm.

Snow surfingNeighbor's Car

Chasing Brothers

Snowy Tree


CresceNet said...

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Mrs. G. said...

We had a snow day here too. Not nearly as pretty though. Nice photos...cute boys.

singingfamily said...

Sadie was so sad for all the kids that had to go back to school today. She says, "Mom, they miss the after the storm snow." We didn't miss is though.

Sandy Feet said...

Thanks for your comment, Mrs. G. It is an honor! I posted more photos as I couldn't stop clicking today. Just too picture perfect and my camera and I do it no justice.

Kelli, Sadie is so right. Today was a
gift. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Magpie said...

We woke up to a beautiful snowy day on Monday - but it was all in the trees! Hardly anything on the ground, so no snow day, no inconvenience. Drag. I could use a snow day.