Thursday, August 24, 2006

da bruddas

That is what my youngest used to call his older brothers. "Da bruddas." "what da bruddas doin'?" "wheah da bruddas?" Now that he is older, his pronunciation has become more sophisticated, but my husband and I often refer back to this more endearing term. It has occurred to me more and more that by being unschoolers, my children will be able to really know one another to a depth I will never know my own siblings. My brothers and I generally liked each other and got along. Still do. We love each other. But I would hesitate to say that I really know them, or even ever really knew them. I think that the deep bond of a healthy sibling realtionship is something that is probably one of the richest experiences a person can have.

When my husband and I are gone our boys will have each other to share their memories. And so we are making those memories now. Our choice to be home together provides us with so many opportunties to build trust, love, and compassion for each other, and although there are days when those elements are lacking, we always have the next moment, the next day, another week, to get past the hurts and experience the joy of being together as a family.

Monday, August 21, 2006

don't go with the flow

This time of year has become a time of mixed feelings. I am happy that we are not a part of the "back-to-school" frenzy. I am looking forward to going to the beach after Labor Day with the boys and savoring the outdoors of September. I feel fortunate to not have the anxiety of a new school year ahead of us. I am glad. Really glad.

But....there is this other part of me that feels a little left out. Its as if there is something exciting going on, and we are missing it. I suppose that is true, too. This is the trade-off of homeschooling to me. Along with the freedoms and joy, there are pangs of isolation, especially in September. The boys don't seem to notice. I think it is a part of the rythym of my life for so long. September is my reminder that I have changed rythyms.

Deciding not to enroll the boys in school is a new commitment every year even though my philosophy is that learning is a natural, ever-evolving process. I hope that as years pass, this seed of doubt...this fear of being different...this pesky little knot...just dissolves.