Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bridge

This is a bridge in my hometown. It connects the mainland to a spit of a peninsula where I spent most of my free time as a young child and teen. If you are from the town, you get a resident sticker on your car and you can park on the peninsula. But I think it is better to walk over. It is a beautiful wooden bridge with wonderful views of the bay and some marsh. It's fun to walk by the people fishing off the side and see what they've caught. The winds on the protected bay are perfect for windsurfing, and the clam diggers are out at low tide. It's a wonderful place.


kelli said...

Nice picture. I love pictures of bridges and roads/paths :)

Your beach and the area where you live sound wonderful. The coasts have such a pull on me, how wonderful to live near it.

Thanks for visiting my blog, now I've found yours too, Yay for another unschooling blog to read!

Ora said...

Well said.