Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playing Games

My kids do not have a gaming system, so they go on-line and play free games that they find. Most recently, they are back on Dragon Fable. It is an RPG site where they can create characters and put them through their paces with various fantasy creatures. While I know that many parents are uncomfortable with video games and "screen time," I cannot tell you how many more hours my kids spend inventing their own games and using the computer games as springboards for their imaginations.
We have an arsenal of light sabers, swords, knives, and various other homemade weapons made from Legos, Zoobs, gift-wrap name it. They frequently dismember and destroy each other and then bounce back for more.
A common refrain is "You can't have invincible magic, that's not fair!" or my favorite "Mommmmm!!! He won't die and I've killed him like a hundred times!"
Then, out comes my own personal purple light saber to slay the stubborn foe and the deed is done...problem solved.

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