Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thirteen favorite board games

These games get the most attention at our house these days

1....Attack! Strategy game similar to..
2....Risk- perpetually taking up valuable coffee table space.
3....Red Sox Monopoly- Gotta get Big Papi and Vtek
4....Zooreeka- all ages love this one from the makers of Cranium
5....Connect Four- tabletop and hand-held versions
6....Mastermind- probably the most worn out box in the list
7....Boggle- love playing this with the oldest one.
8....Labyrinth- always fun twists and changes
9....Caves and Claws- cooperative game my littlest one enjoys
10...A Walk in the Woods- another cooperative game
11...Chess- "are you sure you want to move there?"
12...Dino Monopoly- fun beginner monopoly
13...Khet- laser maze game. "Are you sure you want to move there?"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A Thirteen after my own heart.

We play the NHL Monopoly, and all the teams Stu Barnes have ever played for are worth double!