Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thirteen MadLibs

This is a list of thirteen MadLib snippets from our home. In case you are not familiar with MadLibs, it is a word game . One player is the Reader who does not tell anyone what the written story is about. The Reader asks the other player(s) to give him/her words - an adjective, noun, verb, or whatever else the space calls for- to fill in the blanks of the story. Then the Reader reads the story to the other players when the blanks are filled in. It can be quite funny.

1.... When a bad guy attacks, her stomach turns into the size of a flea and shoots out a poison pineapple.

2.One time I dared my sticky little brother to stick five super spicy toilets in his belly for a full minute. Next time I'll dare him to put them in his brain instead.

3.My friend went to her concert and she brought a hot dog up on stage to smell with her. I'd give my right eye to be able to do that!

4.The crowd went wild and a big bulldog behind her started to juggle. She didn't win the big prize, but was awarded Smelliest in Show. We won a huge trophy shaped like a pretzel.

5.The star of the show was a goofy dolphin named Winky who could balance a TV on her mouth. Winky was really smart, and she could even cook.

6.My little sister's favorite TV show is Harvey the Dinosaur. It's about a big, smelly dinosaur who loves to fart and dance. My sister watches about 300 episodes a day.

7.They tell her they will give her a new camel to play with. But she is too busy fighting down San Francisco and French frying A-Rod.

8.Arnold is a weird warrior whose girlfriend has beeen kidnapped by an evil globe, played by Big Papi.

9.Then men from the Defense Department come and want to use her as a secret military broccolli.

10.Then it snows greedily for 50 days and the couple discovers the red place is haunted by the ghost of a dirty potty.

11.At this point there is a lot of flinging and farting, but before he can harm anyone he is killedby a stray parrot.

12.Pterosaurs had large, smelly wings with 600 claws on the ends that they used for gripping hot dogs. Pterosaurs came in 11 different sizes. Some only had a two-inch wingspan and looked like clowns.

13."Fire!" said the monster, clutching his humpadoop. "Eenatah," replied Major Zarnak cleverly and, getting back into his spaceship, he zipped back to his headquarters on the planet Happatoo.

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the teach said...

Great post, Sandy Feet! Funny! Used to play MadLibs a long time ago. Your kids must love it! :D

Sosunaolata said...

I love Mad-libs. They were great back in school for long bus rides on field trips. Great list! Mine is up at SOSUNA-O-LATA. Thirteen things my kids have to say about me.

Alice Audrey said...

My mind keeps trying to piece together the original sentence MadLib started with.

She Became a Butterfly said...

you gotta love madlibs! ha


Anonymous said...

Oh too funny!! What a fun game!

The Mama Bear said...

I love it, we play MadLibs quite often around here, great way to learn the word types for grammar and more fun than a boring textbook.
Thanks for visiting the Cafe this week.

Lesli said...

I love it - those are great mad-libs! Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

" ... her stomach turns into the size of a flea and shoots out a poison pineapple."

I hate when that happens.


Malcolm said...

I had an ex-girlfriend who used to love Mad Libs.

Wow, Big Papi does a little acting when he's not DHing for the Red Sox... who knew?