Monday, February 11, 2008

Flattery will get you everywhere

First, I would like to thank Holly over at Unschool Days for bestowing me the honor of an Excellent Blog Award. I can only hope live up to such a distinction. I just started blogging regularly, so it was really nice to be noticed by her; in between tooling around Paris with her lovely daughter, of course.

Part of getting the award is to pass it on to others whom I think are excellent. There are so many blogs that I gain insight, laughter, and knowledge from, and most of them already have this friendly award. So, I have decided to pass it on to those who I have most recently come across in the blogosphere. Some, like me, are new, others not, but they have all come to my attention just over the last couple of months.

1. Be Here Now. Kelli is someone I am happy to know IRL. She and her lovely musical family are a pleasure to be around.

2. Full Body Transplant, written by a teacher in Miami who seems to enjoy his job, life, and hobbies.

3.Throwing Marshmallows. She had me at her photo post about the joy of homeschooling boys.

4. The Flatland Chronicles is written by a Floridian Brit with the best voice this side of the puddle.

5. Life without School is a great place to get varying perspectives on child-led learning.

6.Kim at Relaxed Homeskool has a blog brimming with humor and great writing about unschooling.

7. The Minnesota Matron makes me think and laugh, and she has the best Cinderella story this side of Disney.

My other "E"s go to the rest of my blogroll. Most of them very deservedly already have their "E"s.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the links to check out!!

singingfamily said...

thanks so much Sandy:)
Sometime I'll figure out how to get it from here to my site. I need a class on these things. I'll teach you how to knit and you can teach me how to check my emails. Have a great day!

Kim said...

Hey Sandy. Indeed, congratulations and thanks for giving me an E award. I'll have to think on who to share it with. Cheers!

Minnesota Matron said...

Say, the Matron is slow to visit these days, but when she does she's thankful and humbled! She is also bad in the ways of Blog maintenance (memed so many times but never a response), but this E will eventually (soon?) shine on the blog.