Monday, February 18, 2008

Alien Encounter

Today was a day of note.

Inside my home. In my very own kitchen. A girl. A real live little girly girl, came into my house and she stayed for a while. She is a friend of my youngest boy, but she has moved away and was back for a visit.She sat. She colored. She quietly nibbled at at a a time. She drew me a picture and it wasn't my birthday and I did not ask. She danced. She did not once shout or run or tell me loudly how badly she had to go to the bathroom. Legos did not morph into weapons, and I was not asked to feign death. She made houses and animals. She giggled. She did not wrestle. She walked all the way down the stairs, stepping on each step. When her grandfather came to pick her up, she came downstairs, quietly put on her own clean WHITE coat with faux fur trim, her pink rain boots, and gathered all her own things. As she waved goodbye, I refrained from pathetically begging her to stay. Then she was gone. For just a couple of hours I was transported into a world of princesses and pink and rows of magic marker flowers.



Anonymous said...

Lol, great post, well written.

Welcome to my very pink world...but every now and then, I experience a pang for those lego weapons, *sigh*

Laura said...

Yesterday, I was complaining that my sons won't let me take their picture. My daughter said, "You should have had more girls." Hay's lovely girls all pose for photos! I have to lurk behind corners and jump out and snap, and still I'm not quick enough to capture the elusive youngest son.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the world of pink and flowers. :)

m~ said...

I have one of each. I thought I was being punished when my mandchild acted like a boy. Now that my ladybug is approaching puberty, I know why they start out so soft and sweet. It's to butter you up for the hell they're about to put you through. Enjoy those boys.

singingfamily said...

You would have been in good company at that seminar I went to last week. There were many moms of boys there grieving the loss of their dream girls.
Just for the record I have three and I dont think one of them has ever been quiet dainty or "princessy"

Stephanie said...

LOL! I would not know what to do with a girl if I had one!

I can so relate.

Beverly said...

I have one of those, and I do realize how lucky I am. She's delightful. She wants to be a dress designer. She told me today that a person's hair has the most to do with "their look." Then there's her little sister, who is 3 and whom I suspect will be a professional snowboarder or something like that.
I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate to this! I have one girl and three boys but my daughter is grown up now and has flown the nest. So all I have now is action and mess - no pink, no quiet. But it's great most of the time. My sons are aged between 6 and 10.

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

Mrs. G. said...

The world of little princesses can be a magical's the old princesses that get old.

Sounds like an extra special day.