Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mission accomplished

I found this over at Warts and All.

Very cool video of I guess what I would call group performance art at Grand Central Station.


Holly said...

This looks to me like a group called Improv Everywhere. My friend Joe has participated in these before. It's open to anyone. But the participants don't know before hand what they'll be doing. Once they were told only to wear a blue shirt. Then they placed hundreds of these people in a Best Buy where the clerks wear blue shirts, and it created all sorts of confusion. Another time they did something similar to the Grand Central thing, but in a Home Depot. At a precise moment they all began to move in slow motion for two or three minutes. I really like this one, though - it had great visual impact in that amazing space!

singingfamily said...

so cool, let's get together and do it:)

Holly said...

I took a look at their website:
and I would love to participate in one of these, but I can't guarantee that I'd be willing to do the annual No Pants! Subway Ride. All the pantless people on the subways were fantastic. But when we saw shots of them leaning against the walls in the stations or sitting on the benches with no pants my husband and I thought, if these people grew up in NYC they must not have seen some of the things we've seen in the subway!
The thing I love about this is that its done purely for fun - no other reason at all!

Sandy Feet said...

I saw the No Pants one, too, and had the same thoughts about sitting. I'd love to see the slow motion one. There was also a clip where everyone is tuned into their headphones, listening to a podcast? Then they all move around and behave as a group according to the instructions on the headphones. New Yorkers seem accustomed to the unexpected.

piscesgrrl said...

I LOVE this video! It recently came to me and my son and I went to youtube and found all their other videos. There are many! What a hoot. I told my son if he could pull that off at school, that would be an amazing prank!