Monday, February 25, 2008

Sand Art

This video is a little long (9 minutes) but it was mesmerizing for me and I wanted to share it. It is a sand artist whose work is projected on a screen while he manipulates the sand into different pictures. If you've never seen it before, it's worth a look even if you just watch part of it. My kids liked it.


m~ said...

I was concerned when I read that the video was 9 minutes long, but I invited the kids to watch with me since you said it was so mesmerizing. My kids were enthralled by the whole thing, thanks for sharing!~

Chasey said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this youtube video on sand art! My children and I watched in awe! I actually cried at one moment, while watching my children watch the video. I thought to myself, "If they were in school/daycare, they would not have seen this! And we would not have been able to view it together!".We are a Life Learning family, loving, growing and learning, TOGETHER.

Life Learning Mom