Thursday, February 14, 2008

13 favorite couples, real and imagined

1.Catherine and Heathcliff

This was my first read that got me out of my tween girl novel stage. Goodbye Ingalls family, hello passion.

2.Sonny and Cher

I remember getting to stay up and watch their variety show. I loved when they brought out Chastity at the end and sang "I Got You Babe" to her. The DJ played this song when my husband and I cut the cake at our wedding.

3.Jack and Ennis

Passion, tears, angst, and more passion...and more tears. They were fabulous, I'm used to it.

4.Maddie and David

Clever sexual tension and decent acting considering they didn't really like each other.

5.Torvill and Dean

I thought my parents might send me to bed early when these two got going. Be still my awakening heart.

6.Ellen and Portia

They seem so comfortable together and without all the typical Hollywood drama.

7.Guido and Dora

This movie took my breath away. Their love was deep and enduring against all odds.

8.Han and Leia

Kind of like David and Maddie with the tension, but without so much talking.

9.Abigail and John

These two knew how to write a decent love letter to each other. And they were friends

10.Harold and Maude
Quirky love, where you really get to be your own odd self and still be adored.

11.Cliff and Claire

Their arguments were a little too healthy, but I liked how they shared responsibility.

12.Marie and Pierre

I imagine these two brilliant scientists really understood each other in a way nobody else could.

13.Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

I think these two probably benefitted from some brief, but intense couples therapy in order to iron out their communication issues, but then they went on to live happily ever after. We all need a little help sometimes, but its worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Malcolm said...

This was a nice eclectic mix of couples. I too remember watching "Sonny and Cher" when I was a kid. "Moonlighting" could have gone down as one of the best series ever, but I thought they ruined it by having Dave and Maddie hook up.

Anonymous said...

I loved this list...what a great variety of people you've got. I must find the book about John and Abigail Adams..I would love to read it.

Thanks for sharing and TT'ing! And I envy your sandy feet..I lived on islands until I was 16- how I miss the sand now!

My TT is here:

jientje said...

You've got some of my favourites there as well, la Vita é bella, Sonny and Cher and Cliff ansd Claire, I really loved that show!

singingfamily said...

moonlighting! I forgot about that one. I love Harold and Maude!

Nicholas said...

Torvil and Dean were amazing!

Tasina said...

Ohhh Maddie and David. Someone else did a Bruce Willis post. I just love him. Great list!

Minnesota Matron said...

Where have you been all my life? Some day people will say: Sandy Feet and Minnesota Matron.

Because if I had created a list, it would be this one.

Portia and Ellen! How do they keep it so real? I actually think about this nearly every day.

m~ said...

I totally loved it when Chastity would come out at the end of the show!
Great 13.
We were just reading about Marie and Pierre in the history of medicine this week, My ladybug's decide to be a doctor this month.

Danica/Dream said...

Wow... cool stuff.

I definitely want to read the book about Abigail and John Adams. And as a lifelong fan of Marie Curie, so glad she and the Mr. made your list.

Beverly said...

You put a lot of work into this post! I agree with many choices here, and am curious to look into the others. "Brokeback Mountain" is one of my favorite movies. In too many movies, the reason why a couple isn't together is contrived, but the problems in their relationship were real and so sad.
And from "The Empire Strikes Back," a favorite exchange:
Leia: "I happen to like nice men."
Han: "I'm a nice man."

JustFrank said...

I'm totally with you on Catherine and Heathcliff. But no John & Yoko?!