Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Six

He will go swimming no matter the temperature, then roll in the warm sand of the dunes. He plays on a soccer team, and loves to work on the pottery wheel at art class. He is a whiz at navigating through the computer world, and he loves to have control of the TV clicker. He still enjoys watching Curious George.

If he's mad at you, he lets you know. He hits and yells, then dissolves in a puddle of tears. He hugs hard. He collects rocks, sticks, pinecones, acorns, and often offers special ones as gifts to me. He kisses and squeezes his brothers goodnight every night. His lobster print boxers are his favorite underwear. He's trying to learn how to jump rope.

Every morning I wake to him snuggled up next to me, having crept under my covers during the night. He is warm and friendly, compassionate and sensitive. He likes to do science experiments and play on the Wii with his friends. He loves to build with his Legos making space ships with laser guns, then staging great battles between them.

He like to pull pranks on his family with rubber snakes, insects, and rodents. He owns a whoopie cushion and he uses it. When I have not hidden it. He loves to call his Dad at work just to say hello. He often describes himself as shy. He eats spaghetti with abandon, steamed clams, raw carrots, and huge bowls of ice cream.

On Saturday, he will turn seven. But today he is still deliciously six.
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singingfamily said...


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

What can you do to STOP it?? Seven, I mean.

I love this post. I miss my boys at 6. My girl, too. But every new stage has something to love about it. Jesse will be 16 on Monday. !

Happy, happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you for sharing the six-year-oldness of your child for the benefit of those of us who haven't had a six year old for a long time. My youngest is sixTEEN.

I remember, and I do miss having young children.

Sandy Feet said...

Kelli: Thanks.

Laura: A part of me does wish I could stop it, probably because he is the youngest.*sigh* Happy birthday to your boy, too!

Sandra: The reason I know to savor it all is because of you. So thank you, too.

dorkey5 said...

So sweet. A loving tribute to six.
Happy Birthday to your baby.