Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Learn Nothing Day Boycott!!

My kids have decided to boycott Learn Nothing Day. They have decided that it sounds way too boring and they refuse to participate.

The other night while we were waiting for the beach fireworks to start, I finally sat down and the free-form chatter started.

My youngest started talking about odd and even numbers, and figuring out that in one had to add an odd and an even together to get another odd. The other two had fun trying to test the theory. Other discussions were as follows:

Why do we have fireworks again?
Which one of those songs is the national anthem?
If I jump up and down in the same place, do I ever land EXACTLY in the same place or is it always different?
Why do most stars have five points? Why not four or seven? Why do Jewish stars have six points?
Why can we hear that boat horn so clearly from so far away?

I reminded them that Learn Nothing Day was coming, and that we needed to practice, so shhh!!

They laughed. And that's when they decided to boycott it. And then we started talking about boycotts...


Anonymous said...

Lol, that's funny. Good on you all!

Beverly said...

Learn Nothing Day does sound boring. But it would be fun to try, and see who the first violator is. "Hey! You just learned something!"

Sandra Dodd said...

So while we're boycotting learning, you're boycotting not learning? It's so confusing... but I bet the results will be the same in all cases. The more something is a focus, the more it just seems to happen, and that focus on learning is likely to cause even more learning than usual.

But that's just me guessing. Maybe in the next week and some, people will figure out how to make all this learning stop, just for a day. :-)

piscesgrrl said...

That is hilarious! Boycotting Learn Nothing Day... I can't wait to tell my kids. LOL

m~ said...

I love that they love to learn. I had a very in depth discussion about fractions with my 8 year old the other day that put me to shame. Wonder if other parents entertain such learning.

piscesgrrl said...

Sure, I can help you plan your parties! Parties are fun when I don't have to host - LOL. And besides, I could deal with a visit to the beach. Definitely.