Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Night At the Museum

We enjoyed a multi-family sleepover at the Boston Museum of Science this past weekend. The theme of the newest exhibit is "Baseball As America." As we are such big baseball fans and love this museum, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate. We were assigned to the dinosaur area for our campsite, and we slept in the shadows of the T-Rex. She protected us all night, and we swear that we saw her move a few times.There was an awesome demonstration called "Home Run Science" and my youngest got chosen to go up front as an assistant. He is riding in a red wagon that is being pulled by the forces of wind and rotation. I learned so much from that scientist who had all kinds of giant gadgets to demonstrate physics. His joy and enthusiasm were contagious. Many "Aha!" moments for me. Good thing we squeezed it in before Learn Nothing Day!!

And here we are getting ready to crash for the night. They had us going until midnight before the lights went out. Throwing baseballs and measuring their speed, watching a 95mph fastball from behind a catcher's mask, perusing very cool artifacts and memorabilia...the other families were very cool, and everyone seemed to enjoy the unique magic of the museum after hours. It was a night to remember.
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Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend a night!!

dorkey5 said...

I just found your blog via Sandra Dodd's. The name of your blog caught my eye!
We are an unschooling family also living near the beach in MA. I am looking forward to getting some time to sit down and get to know you thru your blog!

dorkey5 said...

We live in Marshfield now, but I also grew up in Duxbury! How strange is that? I lived there from age 4 until 6th grade. It is where I first got my love of the beach, too!
What a small world!

Tall Kate said...

Hi! Loved reading your blog -- thanks for leaving a comment on mine ;-)