Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Politics: Prop 8

I ran across this video today, and was quite moved. While feeling great gladness about the outcome of the Presidential election, I am stymied by the California vote on Prop 8. Living in Massachusetts, I can tell you that the legal right for gay people to marry has not resulted in the apocalypse of marriage in New England. In fact, it has not changed ANYTHING!!! Except...that more unrelated people who are in love and want to enjoy the legal benefits of marriage may do so. Simple. If any of my boys are gay, I am glad that they are from a state that recognizes their civil right to marry. I hope that in the future, their choices are not limited by state lines.

Thank you for this, Keith Olbermann. If only more of TV had this to offer...from either side, for that matter.


lori said...

Yeah, prop 8 sucks. But in CT, gay couples can marry in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it strikes me, as a Brit, as very strange and backward. I was amazed when I saw the vote went the way it did. It is clearly a very different world in California than it is here.

I cannot understand the reasoning of the people who say it will undermine traditional marriage. Like you say, it is simply unrelated. What I do in terms of getting married has no bearing on what anyone else chooses to do.

It is rather depressing in all honesty in this day and age in the Western World.

Mandaroo said...

Wonderful commentary. I wish many undecideds had seen it before the elections, perhaps it could have made difference.
I think the fear based ads here (CA) really affected the votes.
I was so sad with the outcome.
I hope congress repeals it.