Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's time to rejoice and shed tears of relief. The man who should be President has been elected and both the nation and the world will be a better place for it. Tell your children history has been made. Save the front page of your newspaper. Skip down the street and laugh with joy because a genuine force for peace and justice will soon be entering the White House. I have never been so proud to be an American as I am today. This is what we are all about. This is what was meant to be.
Hello, President-Elect Obama!!!! I hope you and your family enjoy picking out that new puppy!
I also hope that in eight years we also get to vote for her:

Well done, Michelle!!


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

I share your exuberance!!

Ditto for Michelle running. Maybe give her a few more years as "mommy-in-chief" (her words). Looks to me like they're grooming Mark Warner, who has an equally fabulous wife, Lisa Collis. :)

debra said...

We can breathe and smile, and know the world is smiling with us.