Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday thoughts

1. My son's soccer team winning last night after 15 straight losses is so exciting!
2. Strawberry fields will soon be here and offering summer's first sweetness.
3. Fresh strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream sounds like it would taste delicious!
4. Why does a long hike, camping, a day at the beach, a sweaty workout, or a glass of wine make me feel so good?!
5. The Grand Canyon is something I've always wanted to see.
6. It's sad when people become shut off to their feelings.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to starting a new book, tomorrow my plans include exercising and Easter Bunny prep and Sunday, I want to visit my parents and eat jelly beans!


cre8tivkj said...

I am looking forward to strawberry fields too (will winter go away already?)

3rdEyeMuse said...

Congrats to the soccer team on their win! I lived in Phoenix for a number of years, so have visited the GC more than a handful of times - if the chance presents itself, I highly reccommend the GC - it's pretty awesome. Have a lovely weekend, ~M~

Beverly said...

A couple years ago, my son was on a soccer team that lost every game all season, and got only one goal.
However, we remember that goal gloriously. Everyone jumped up and down screaming.
That's what he remembers, not all the losing.

Laura said...

Do you make the shortcake that is like little sweet biscuits split open? Oh, so good!
The Strawberry Faire in the little town of Ashland (VA) near us is the first Saturday in June and quite an event.

Congratulations on the soccer victory! I can imagine the happiness and pride of your son. :)

Janet said...

I can relate to #4!

btw, I'm from MA too, and of course ADORE the beach!

Thanks for playing :-)

piscesgrrl said...

I was kinda wondering how you managed #4 if it's cold there, but then I saw the 'or' where I read an 'and' - now it makes sense!

Yay for the soccer team! What a sweet win that must've been.

Strawberries, oh yum. But it's snowing here. Wahhh!

Back in (gloomy, snowy, brown) IL,

Sandra Dodd said...

If you ever happen to drive to the Grand Canyon, my house is on the way!