Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hibernating...from the gym

I'm afraid it's time for me to face the facts. There is three feet of snow outside of my house. It was about 5 degrees today. Right now it is 11. Degrees. I have not been getting myself out to exercise and using the dark cold snowy winter as an excuse to do nothing. I do try to embrace winter, but it has beat me this year. I gave up on my routines, and it's hard to feel motivated to get them back when I pretty much see this out the window every day....

I'm sorry Barack..."No, I can't."

But the jeans are getting tight....

It's time to become re-acquainted with my old friend....Ouch.
Or else I'm going to have to settle for a very fetching beach mumu in a few months.

Oy. Do they come in navy blue?


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Good luck with that. :/ I think I'm destined for the mumu, and, um ... we have had hardly any snow to speak of here.

Oh, dear. That wasn't very supportive and encouraging, was it? I'll try again: You can do it!! Yes you CAN! Go, go, go!!

You'll have to do it for both of us. I'm having leftover pizza for breakfast while I do last-minute tidying for the realtor.

Remember: Barack is counting on you.

singingfamily said...

You know you can do it because you already have done it! Remember, last year when you were Ms. Spin (it was actually nauseating at times) I went today. I have decided to try and spin once a week but I am always there in the mornings lately. Miss you !

debra said...

Just got home from an unschooling conference/gathering at a waterpark.
We had a kitchen in our suite but who felt like cooking. A week of French bread pizzas, chips and cheese and cafe mochas. OY. At least we had a box of clementines :-)

Anonymous said...

It's so much harder to keep in shape when it is horrid outside. Plus when it is cold you wear lots of clothes and don't notice the flab.

Here it is easy to exercise and any small bulge you see straight away so you tackle it.

Get on that exercise bike. YOu;ll be glad you did when the weather improves and you expose all those bits and bobs.

Sandy Feet said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for cheering me on. I know the snow is just an excuse, but it's a good one.....right?

Hope the selling process goes well.

Kelli, That is what I keep telling myself..I've done it before!! But I have not taken out my Ms. Spin costume yet. Hoping to nauseate you again soon.

debra, the water park sounds great..except the bathing suit part. That would freak me out a bit right now.

RB, My bits and bobs (love that) are doomed!!! Thanks for the encouragement.

anni said...

oh I loved that. I can relate. The snow makes me want to simply crawl under my electric blanket. The truth is, and I know you know this intellectually, you will feel so much better when you do get on that piece of equipment. Good luck. Let's hear it for Spring!! I'm ready.