Monday, January 12, 2009


My middle boy is now ten. He is thrilled and happy to be ten. Happy to be on his way in the world, getting older and bigger. He notices that he can leap to the chin-up bar and his feet barely graze the floor now. Almost like his older brother.

He can leap farther across his bedroom almost to his brother's bed and he measures up to the bottom of my chin, his hand moving from the top of his blond head to my chest. He is loving and very forgiving, and he just sang a season of Christmas carols for us while he played piano.

This past year, he grew his hair out long until it went past his his older brother. Then, he recently decided to cut it short and he was glad to make the decision. He was happy to be free of the hair. Today, my mom gave him a lovely pure white stone that she found on the beach. She said that when she saw it, she knew he should have it. It is smooth and bright and softened. He loves it.

I am watching him get older before my eyes, and I miss the littler boy he once was.

I try not to dwell on that too much, though, because soon I will miss now, too.

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Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Oh, he's sweet, just lovely. (Tell him I said "handsome", though.)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jeffrey! Now I know what all the old people meant when they said, "They grow so fast!" It's great that you remember to enjoy each stage as they grow. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a bit late - but Happy Birthday, Jeffrey.

I love that age. I love them at all ages but the bit between 8 and 11 is wonderful. Grown up enough to do almost anything but childlike enough to enjoy every single second of it and still let you see them enjoying it.

He is indeed very handsome!

Sandy Feet said...

Thanks Laura and RB. I passed on your b'day wishes to Jeffrey (with edits, Laura)

He does still enjoy his fun unabashedly.