Monday, May 21, 2007

Take us to Your Leader

When I came across this fairly recent photo, it inspired me to start this blog. Pretty soon, one or all of them won't let me share this stuff anymore, never mind take these pictures. Besides, its just funny.

This particular photo of these knights in shining armor was taken at the Higgins Armory in Worcester. It was a fun thing to do on a damp, chilly late winter day. On the way home we went to a Chili's restaurant near Nashoba. The kids were hungry and tired. The place was nearly empty, and the waitress seemed that she had way better things to do than serve our family who had the nerve to show up in the middle of a nice slow afternoon. It was a long wait. Daniel found that if he leaned over just right while standing on the bench of our booth he could see the TV in the bar. Only, just his luck...they had golf on. Head goes into hands and he exclaims, "This place is hell." Nathan was laughing so hard, there were tears. We proceeded with a discussion about the word "hell." Is it a swear? Sometimes? When? Examples?? I think the kids in the next booth got quite a bit of information that day.

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